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Analyzing Jimmermania and the Internet

Feb 17, 2011   //   by JimmerPOY   //   Jimmer Updates, Stats & Facts, The Competition  //  2 Comments

He’s got the nation’s attention on-the-court, and he’s got their Internet bandwidth off-the-court. On any given day, you can find a story on every major sports website about Jimmer Fredette. YouTube spoofs, rap songs, idol worshiping, interviews, girlfriend photos. He’s been a trending Twitter topic, and the subject of numerous websites (JimmerPOY included).

The Jimmer is the best college basketball player in the country and he’s arguably the most interesting sports figure, as well. We don’t need to rehash the same stories you’ve now heard dozens of times about Jimmer playing in prison, his brother’s rap career, and growing up in a small upstate New York town where locals frequent a diner called “Poopie’s.” But the fact remains, Jimmer is gold for sports media and Internet buzz.

So how big is Jimmermania? To find out, let’s go straight to mothership of all Internet knowledge and holiness… The Google. The search king has an Insights Engine that “can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.” To better understand Jimmer’s popularity, reach, and buzzworthiness, I compared him to other individuals over the last 30 days.

Study 1: Jimmer vs. POY candidates

The most obvious comparison is Jimmer vs. the other top NPOY candidates: Jared Sullinger, Nolan Smith, and Kemba Walker.

Over the last 30 days, Jimmer has averaged a 6:1 search volume advantage over the field. Jared Sullinger has had small spikes on game days, but his high score (4) matches Jimmer’s lowest daily score over the last 25 days. Nolan Smith has risen slightly over the last week following his outstanding performance against North Carolina, but still trails significantly. Kemba Walker is a non-factor when it comes to Internet popularity.

Study 2: Jimmer vs. NBA’s Top Point Guards

Alright, so Jimmer’s the most popular college player in the country, but he’s got nothing on the best NBA point guards… right? Let’s let Mr. Google answer that.

Based on the results, Jimmer has been the most popular point guard in the country. In the overall averages at the top of the graph, Jimmer held a 4-point advantage over his next closest competition, Derrick Rose. Moreover, Jimmer was the most popular player searched for 15 of the 30-day span.

Study 3: Jimmer vs. the Baddest American Heroes

Many Jimmerisms have been borderline blasphemous in comparing the basketball phenom to America’s most treasured humans: Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer. Does Jimmer stand a chance?

On January 27, a small town basketball player in Utah was more popular than Chuck Norris. Had Jimmer known this fact, he might have retired the following day. For one day, Chuck Norris was Jimmered. But order was restored to the Universe the following day when Chuck Norris regained his well-deserved post at the top by 6 points. And Jack Bauer who?

National POY Straw Poll #3 is All Jimmer

Feb 11, 2011   //   by JimmerPOY   //   Jimmer Evangelism, Stats & Facts, The Competition  //  Comments Off

Pollsters are beginning to see what all the hype is about. In the most recent straw poll conducted by, Jimmer Fredette is comfortably in first place as National Player of the Year. The straw poll voters are comprised of journalists who are voters in one of the three POY awards at the end of the season.

Jimmer has moved one spot in each of the straw polls, having started at third in poll #1, and moving to second in poll #2. Also of note is recognition of and other social media platforms that have added to the Jimmermania across the country.

Sizing the POY Competition: Week of 1/31

Feb 5, 2011   //   by JimmerPOY   //   Jimmer Updates, Stats & Facts, The Competition  //  Comments Off
Week of January 31 – February 6
Player Opp. RPI Avg. PPG FG% 3-PT% FT% APG RPG SPG
Jimmer Fredette 146.5 (Wyoming & UNLV) 27.5 37% 19% 96% 4 3 1.5
Kemba Walker 53 (Syracuse & Seton Hall) 13.5 34% 36% 33% 4 5.5 1
Jared Sullinger 46.5 (Michigan & Minn.) 18.5 50% N/A 37% 2.5 14 1.5

Note: RPI average from data. N/A applies to percentage categories that don’t have enough data.


Jimmer had perhaps his worst shooting percentages of the entire season, but thanks to nearly perfect (26 of 27) free throw shooting, he still averaged nearly 10 more points than the other contenders. Jimmer converted some clutch and-one drives to win both hard-fought games. Jared Sullinger had a really nice week against stiff competition, shooting 50% from the floor and racking up an average of 14 rebounds.

Kemba Walker’s numbers dropped again in nearly every stat category. In Kemba’s last 5 games, he has averaged 15 points, 31% FG, and 56% FT. Jimmer cooled slightly this last week, but over that same 5 game span has averaged 34 points, 46% FG, and 90% FT. As both players are considered the best shooters in the game right now, I’d say one is clearly doing a better job. I’ll let you guess who I’m talking about.

Kemba vs. Jimmer. . . Kemba who?

Feb 3, 2011   //   by JimmerPOY   //   The Competition  //  Comments Off

ESPN is beginning to figure things out in the POY debate.

“The Kemba vs. Jimmer debate has taken a rather decisive turn in recent days. On Jan. 20, Fredette was averaging 25.8 ppg, while Walker was putting up 25.5. In the four games since, Kemba is averaging 14.5 ppg, while hitting only 30.0 percent of his shots and 15.4 percent of his 3s. Meanwhile, Fredette, who scored 26 last night against Wyoming, is averaging 35.8 ppg and shooting 45.9 from deep in his last four games.”

Read the whole post here.

Sizing the POY Competition: Week of 1/24

Jan 30, 2011   //   by JimmerPOY   //   Stats & Facts, The Competition  //  Comments Off

Here’s a numbers breakdown of the the top three POY candidates from their last week of play.

Week of January 24-30
Player Opp. RPI Avg. PPG FG% 3-PT% FT% APG RPG SPG
Jimmer Fredette 40.5 (SDSU & New Mexico) 37.5 52% 65% 75% 3.5 4.5 2
Kemba Walker 48 (Marquette & L’ville) 17 31% 13% 73% 6.5 5 2
Jared Sullinger 48 (Purdue & N’western) 19 58% N/A 60% 1 7.5 1.5

Note: RPI average computer from data. N/A applies to percentage categories that don’t have enough data.


Jimmer proved dominant this week and did so against stronger competition. Jimmer averaged nearly 20PPG higher than both Kemba Walker and Jared Sullinger, while shooting a blistering 65% from beyond the arc. As a Forward, Jared Sullinger will likely edge out in FG% and RPG most weeks against Guards, Jimmer and Walker.